5 Things I love about ME

As women I know we can come up with a thousand things we dont like about ourselves. Those last 5lbs, our hair, our bra size, our pant size.. and the list continues.  I think we need to take a step back and really look at ourselves. Not through our jaded eyes, but how the world see’s us, how our husbands see us, how our children see us, how our best friends see us. So I challenge you.. each & everyone of you.. comment below, email me privately, which ever makes you most comfortable and tell me 5 things you LOVE about yourself. I dont care what they are, it can be physically or personality wise, but try to keep it a little of both. I’ll even play fair and do 5 of my own.

1. My hair, I love love love my hair. Especially now that I’m older and have learned how to style it.

2. My sense of humor. I like to think Im pretty funny.

3. My eyes.. I”ve always love the colors that pop up.

4. My curves. I love having an almost classic hour glass shape.

5.My feet.. I wear a 7 which makes buying super cute shoes easy

So now it’s your turn..  brazenboudoir@gmail.com if you’d rather answer privately. I’ll be posting some of your responses. So let’s make ’em good ladies.

Love Yourself

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