We need to find a better way {Ocala Boudoir & Womens Photographer}

We need to find a better way. A better way of looking at ourselves. Of how we think about your ourselves. A better way of LOVING ourselves. We are by far our own worst critics. We see every.single.little. imperfection. Real or imagined. I did this yesterday. I was given a great compliment. Instead of saying thank you and feeling good about it, I tore myself down, to the person who gave me the compliment! Wow.. how rude and ungrateful. I’m appalled at myself right now. I’ve thought about this all day. Every time we do this, it’s exactly that.. rude and ungrateful. We’re letting our own feeling’s and skewed view of ourselves cloud and dirty the beautiful view that everyone else see’s. Our friends, our families, and our spouses. How insulting is it to your spouse to tell them what’s wrong with us, implying they made a bad choice in being with us. Am I being… extreme right now? I’m sure some will think I am. I prefer to say blunt. I know that there are many women out there who accept those kind words, who smile and blush and accept those kind words. I also know however, there are many of us who would rather tear ourselves down than accept those kind words. And we don’t do it on purpose. {at-least I don’t} We’ve given ourselves this warped, unhealthy and totally wrong view of ourselves. We need to find a better way. There has to be.. I’m positive there IS a better way.  Change can be hard. It can be overwhelming. Its not always easy. Let’s start a movement. A one of self-love and recognizing our self-worth. Of taking a moment to appreciate those things we love about ourselves.. and those things we don’t.

So I’m throwin down a challenge. The next time someone say’s something beautiful to you, compliment’s you.. tell’s you how fantastic/awesome.. wonderful you are.. Accept it. Smile and say thank you. Dont’ reject it. Let’s teach our daughters their worth, their value and how to see their own beauty.

Love Yourself

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