A day older, a day wiser {Ocala Boudoir Photographer}

I’m not sure if this is all coming to me in my older advanced age of 30.. heh yea.. only 30! But day by day I look at my self in the mirror and really look. I’ve started to take those extra 30 seconds to really really look at myself. To try and see beyond my self doubt’s, my insecurities, my self loathing. And damned if day by day I’m not finding myself more and more ok with how I look. Those 10lbs I’ve always wanted to loose {ok.. more like 20 but still}, my breast’s not sitting as high as I’d like, or my thigh’s not as slim. I may not be a size 7 any more {Ha! Haven’t seen that in 11 years!}, maybe I wont ever be one again. I can say how ever I am becoming more and more comfortable in my own skin. Is this some thing that comes with age and maturity? Why is today so different from yesterday in my views? I preach to all of you about self love and seeing yourself the way the world does but yet.. I don’t hold myself to those same standards. How unfair of myself.  So let’s do this together. To find one thing every day. To love ourselves a little more each day. To cut ourselves a little slack. I know I preach a lot of self love on this blog. It’s because it’s something I’ve come to recognize that we as women have a problem with. In the last week I guarantee you I’ve had no less than 3 women say they would love to do boudoir BUT. That BUT is usually followed by I need to loose X number of pounds first, I even had one women say she had no one to give those photo’s to, and there’s no way she could do it for herself. I call bullshit. The best reason, the first reason to do this.. is for ourselves. Not because we “need” it, but because we want it. I dont care if you do a session with me, if you do a session with the lady {or guy} down the road, the next city state or country over, but when you do.. Do it for YOURSELF. Get dolled up, feel like a model, enjoy your body. Most of all have fun!

Love Yourself

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