Black Friday Specials <3

I personally plan to spend the weekend being lazy {Except for my first expo down town on saturday!} and I know that many of you would rather spend the weekend with your family than out shopping every possible sale out there. So I figured I’d toss out there my black friday sales. Any of these sales can be reserved with a $50 retainer {The bogo class special must be paid in full}, and then payments can be made on all balances 🙂 See two packages you’d like? Combine them and I’ll take half the price off the lowest priced package! Also be sure to pop by Instagram, find me, follow and then check out a fantastic sale available over there only! {@Brazenbouoir} I warn you.. I upload a ton of personal pics as well as client photo’s, so ton’s of my kid & dogs! haha. Any who.. Here’s the sales 🙂 Once youve picked out the package you’d like hit me up and let’s get you booked. {Payments can be made on all balances so you still have spending cash for other fantastic black friday deals!} Drop me a line at or You can always call {or text!} 352-509-1456.

Have a great Thanksgiving! Oh and if you happen to be a Gators fan.. I’m sorry! Florida State is going to RULE this saturday! 🙂

{Click the image below to make it bigger! WordPress made it tiny and hard to read!} Black Friday BIG Sale_WEBa

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