Let’s try something different {Ocala & Orlando Womens Photographer}

For awhile now I’ve followed Sue Bryce and have found that I want to spend more time photographing women, and not only photographing women but doing so outside of boudoir. I’ve surveyed my fan page in the past and it seem’s that a lot of women want beautiful portraits of themselves, they are just intimidated by boudoir. Many don’t know what it is, and sadly there are still those few who view it as vulgar or trashy due to misconception’s. {Which I plan to change!}. I ran a model call not too long ago and this beautiful lady emailed me wanting to sign up. I could not be any happier with her session. I’ve only finished out a few {Trying to keep my work log in order! haha} but couldn’t wait to share them here on the blog. Once I’m totally finished with her session I’ll post the rest.  This here though is proof you don’t have to be naked to have beautiful portraits of yourself. 

Love Yourself


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