Making Christmas Making Christmas! {Ocala & Orlando Boudoir Photographer}

It’s right around the corner! The day we’ve all been planning for, staying up late nights to finish shopping/wrapping or even working over time to make sure it goes off without a hitch. Christmas. One of our kids two favorite day’s a year, full of tradition’s, food, great company and of course gifts! I don’t know about you but I have to start shopping early.. but never typically do. I started this year in October, God bless Walmart’s holiday layaway!  Being a small business owner the holiday’s are even crazier. Keeping up with sales, clients, family events, community events.. It can be crazy.  Being this busy though also help’s remind me that it’s a great thing to be busy, to have client’s who trust me enough to book session’s with me.

And I want to say THANK YOU

Being that I am a small business owner mean’s that I don’t have a beach house, I don’t drive a bmw, and I don’t go on lavish vacations. {While there are biz owners who do those things.. I don’t..YET haha}  So every dollar you spend with me, every dollar that I make, goes to help support my family. To give my kids a great Christmas. To pay for things like birthday’s, and school function’s, my daughter’s violin rental fee. Every day things like the lights, our phones, groceries.

and of course helping to make my dream’s come true.

From the bottom of my heart again I thank you.

Look for Christmas morning smiles to hit the blog next week. I figure it’s only fair to share those happy faces when you helped to create them.

Have a wonderful holiday!

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