Orlando Boudoir | “P.S We’re Big Girls”

I received an email not to long ago from a young lady looking to book a boudoir session for not only herself, but her best friend. Her friend’s birthday is coming up and they thought it would be a great way to celebrate. An opinion to which I totally and wholly agree with.  I believe that we as women should do this for ourselves first and foremost. If the album end’s up as a gift, then why not share the love? At the bottom of the email was the words “PS We’re Big Girls”

This made me stop for a moment. Quite frankly it kinda ticked me off. Not at the client, but at society in general. I’ve said it so many times before now, and I’ll continue to say it until I’m blue in the face because it needs to be said. There are no size requirements needed to feel good about ourselves, to feel and be beautiful and sexy. There is no size requirement to do boudoir. We have this horrible, terrible and completely wrong misconception that we aren’t beautiful, or desirable, sexy or sensual if we aren’t a size 0. This is our fault. Our fault for letting television, magazines and the fashion industry dictate to us what we should look like, what beauty must look like. None of it’s true.

So let’s stop this. Let’s stop ending email’s with “PS We’re big girls”, let’s stop prefacing email’s with “I’m not sure I can, I’m a big girl”. Let’s just stop using those words “I’m a big girl”. Let’s stop labeling ourselves anything other than beautiful, sexy, sensual, fantastic, vivacious, desirable. Let’s teach our daughters to love themselves no matter what. Let’s show the fashion, marketing and television industry we are tired of their tired and worn out nasty messages they are sending out. Let’s tell them that we want to see healthy, curvy women who are all beautiful.

Love Yourself

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