A year?! A year! | Ocala Boudoir | Tampa Boudoir | Orlando Boudoir

It dawned on me last night that it’s been a year since we packed up our Uhaul {Ok well budget truck!} and left Virginia on a rainy cold day in March. We landed in Florida a couple day’s later after stopping in Georgia to see family along the way. It’s been on heck of a year full of highs & low’s new friends and old friends and some of the best damn client’s a girl could hope for. I came down here with the goal and hope of opening the only studio in town that specializes in Boudoir and provides an experience like no one had before, so far I believe I am succeeding. After the kind words and reviews I can’t help but believe it’s true.  It’s been a great time and I’m excited to see what this next year brings Brazen Boudoir and am very much looking forward to our one year anniversary of being open in Ocala. I think a party complete with Champagne will be in order,dontcha think?  To celebrate I figured I’d re-cap the last few months with some of my favorite images from all the beautiful ladies I’ve met here in Ocala {Well those who signed the release! haha} As always I’m cooking up some new things {Ladies day out anyone?!} and am always looking for new exciting and beautiful product’s to provide to you. Stick around ladies, it’s only getting better from here. Be proud Ocala you have some beautiful ladies!

Ocala Boudoir, Tampa Boudoir, Orlando Boudoir, Jacksonville Boudoir

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