Celebrating Life | Ocala Boudoir

A couple month’s ago an email hit my box from a lady named Heather. She told me she had been referred to me through a mutual friend who had chatted me up to her one day. We scheduled a time to get on the phone together and spent about an hour chatting that night. We talked and talked and talked and I learned about this amazing woman who’s been through so much. A woman who’s been through more than most of us will ever go through and who not only survived but came back swinging. After a diagnosis of cancer and fibromyalgia, becoming a single mom she won. She beat the cancer and with the help of our amazing friend her pain is under control. She’s able to en joy a healthy quality of life that was never expected. She’s in nursing school now and can proudly say she holds Dean’s List and she deserves every bit of it. I’m proud to call her a friend and am excited to follow her journey.

Ocala Boudoir, Cancer Boudoir, Cancer, Florida Boudoir

If you or someone you know need’s reminding that life can be full of beauty and fun after or during cancer treatment please contact me. I would love to gift them with a complimentary session.

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