My turn |Ocala Boudoir Photographer

I preach all the time about being comfortable in your skin and loving yourself. I always tell all of my girls I know *exactly* what they are going through.. Why? Because I’ve had two boudoir session’s myself. Yes.. 2. The first was done to help out a friend of mine who was wanting to get into boudoir photography. Great guy, great photog. Had a lot of fun and got some great images out of it.  I also wanted to know what it was like to be on the other side of the len’s. My second session I did for me. I had so much fun at the first that I *wanted* to do it again. I did it for me. Getting my images back from my first session was the best high in the world..and then the second.. beyond amazing! I won’t say it was easy. I was put through my paces, bent..stretched.. pulled! But the images were fantastic. Was I nervous? YES! {And both my session’s were done by men!!} I can honestly say having my own boudoir session was something  very rewarding. Not only did I learn and have a better understanding  of what it’s like for each of my ladies but I also got a great boost in my confidence. I’m even debating on having a 3rd session done sometime soon!

So in the interest of being fair.. here’s a few of my images from my second shoot {My fav of the two}. These were taken by the fab Jubert Gilay Photography in Virginia Beach. {Im dying to get a ring light like he has! Isnt the lighting amazing?!}


Ready to step out of your comfort zone?  Shoot me an email and let’s set up your consultation!

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