It’s fall! Bring on pumpkin EVERYTHING! Ocala Beauty Photographer |Ocala Boudoir Photographer

I love this time of year. An excuse to pull out my sweaters and boots {I’m a sweater addict.. seriously.. I need AA for sweaters} The smell of bon fires, pumpkin EVERYTHING and of course fabulous meal’s we only seem to eat in the fall. {Have you seen me? Its obvious I love food haha} I’m personally looking forward to a few things this fall & winter between holiday’s, traveling to see family and just taking the time to finally enjoy Florida without the profuse heat and humidity we have the rest of the year. The new year is only a few short month’s away and Im sure like many I’ve always seen it as a time for change, to bring in something new and to do better than the previous year. It’ll be a year on November 30th that Brazen Boudoir has been open here in Ocala and I’ve been blessed to meet so many fabulous ladies who have trusted me to create beautiful, breathtaking portraits for them. In the last year I’ve thought more and more about how I can expand my offering’s and go beyond boudoir  to bring that same experience to every woman, dressed or not. The idea for Brazen Beauty was formed over the summer and has slowly been coming to life behind the scenes and is set to launch in the coming month’s. I am beyond elated to share the beautiful same experience of being dolled up, and having a blast in the studio, as well as the new beautiful products to display your portrait’s. Stunning folio boxes to hold your matted portraits, luxary usb drives to share your digital files and attention grabbing wall art sure to stop anyone who comes into your home in their tracks. Products like you’ve never experienced before. I can’t wait to share Brazen Beauty with you all and have you into the studio to experience first hand something Ocala has never had.

Stay beautiful ladies!

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