Let’s be real for a minute |Ocala Wedding Photographer

Last may I married my husband, the one man who I’ve loved more than any other and in every way completes me. We’ve been together almost 6 years now, and next year we’ll celebrate our second anniversary. My husband asked me to marry him on my birthday, and sweetly continued the tradition every year until we got married. Because we knew were moving to Florida I looked in both states for the perfect venue and found one outside of Tampa. Great pricing, beautiful venue and the ease of knowing they would take care of 80% of the work for me. All we pretty much had to do was show up. The biggest snag was that our package only included food/seating etc for 60 people.. including us. {And come on.. me & him plus our kids is 9 people } We went home and made a list of all the important people we wanted to come and then called each one and explained why we needed to know if they would be there. We had people coming in from Texas, California, Georgia and even Mexico. The detail’s started coming together beautifully. Bridesmaid’s asked, groomsmen’s chosen, and the dress bought. We moved to Florida and continued to make wedding plans and take care of those odd’s & ends that pop up along the way. Three weeks before the wedding things started to fall apart. No in like a “oh crap that sucks” kinda way..more like a “OH SHIT” kinda way. There were miscommunication’s between us & the venue, the contract was written poorly and over the course of the month’s between the wedding and when we had booked them they seemed to have changed what they offered and forgot what they had offered me. We ended up deciding to cancel on the venue and had to start looking for a new one. Throw on top family drama {Isnt there always when it comes to weddings?}, my original photographer backing out on me, having to re-plan and re-pay for the entire thing in 3 weeks, just having moved to a new state and finding out pretty much no one we had invited was coming and our wedding quickly went downhill. Of the original 60 guest’s we had about 15 or so, and those people mostly comprised our bridal party with their +1, our officiant & his wife {who happened to be his cousin}, and our parent’s. One of my bridesmaids who is also a fantastic friend and our family photographer gave up her bridesmaid spot to cover our wedding and she did a fantastic job. I’m so grateful for her and her stepping up to help me out. Our wedding was far from being the day I had envisioned. To the extent I didn’t even want to see my wedding photo’s. At all. I actually told her to not rush our’s and to work on other client’s images instead of mine.  It’s been well over a year since we got married and I still have moments where I mourn the wedding I wanted to have. My husband has even promised that when we reach probably our 10 year anniversary we’ll do it again and do it right this time. There are times though when I look at those photo’s… and I remember the moment when spoke our vow’s and the whole world went silent.. the family & friends who did come to support and love us. I remember all the little details that I rushed to put together and spent the day stressing over. I remember how beautiful the place we chose to get married really was. To be honest.. If I showed you my wedding photo’s you would have never known or possibly believed the day was a train wreck if I never told the story. Those photo’s are all I have left of that day, as imperfect as it was. My dress hangs in it’s bag in my closet and I wear my ring daily, but those photo’s.. they hang on my wall’s displayed for any guest in my home to see, I use them on my computer desktop and are always available to me. I see so many brides taking the ‘cheap’ way out when booking their photographer. They book someone based on price alone, never taking the time to check the photographer’s portfolio, to meet with them and ensure that they all click. Your photographer must understand the vision you have for your wedding. They have to know the details of what is important to you. Your photographer should be able to give you a perfect documentation of your wedding no matter how the day goes. I understand that not every bride has the budget to spend thousands on her photographer let alone her wedding. I was fortunate that my best friend is a fabulous photographer and was willing to step in and help me out at the last minute. Do your research, find someone you like, who’s work makes you swoon and then figure out how to make them work within your budget. Most photographers will set up a payment plan with their brides. As wedding professional’s we do understand how expensive a wedding can cost. I hear so many stories of brides coming back to the photographer they wanted to book after booking someone who was less expensive but also had far less experience upset because that photographer failed them. Your wedding is one of the most important day’s of your life. Shouldn’t it be captured by someone who has the experience and expertise to do a fantastic job? Weather you book with me, or with another photographer.. Make sure they are who you really want to capture your day, they have insurance and a consistent portfolio. Never let pricing scare you off. Pricing is an indication of experience and a legally run business. {Ugh taxes ya know}


Photography by the fantastic Crystal Kay Photography now based out of Ohio. {Though I do know she’ll travel for a Florida wedding!}



Kious_Lazos-348 copy_WEB Kious_Lazos-63_WEB Kious_Lazos-46_WEB Kious_Lazos-32_WEB Kious_Lazos-30_WEB



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