Special Offers


Getting naked in front of someone else…. essentially a stranger.. I mean… what could be scarier?
I get it. I totally do. Boudoir is scary AF.
Let me guess.. You’ve REALLY been wanting to do a boudoir session but your worried about investing money into something that your “not sure how it will turn out”
“I need to loose X number of lb’s first”
“I don’t look like a model!”
“I can’t be sexy!”
This is your chance, your chance to take a tiny step.. a huge leap and try something new.
Something that scares the pant’s off of you {Literally!}
I’ve been in your shoes. Busy mom, full time job, husband-kids, pets…just life in general. Never enough time for everyone else let alone yourself. It’s time to change that. Not feeling thin enough, or pretty enough or worthy of doing something for myself. {Mom guilt’s fun huh?} Even if your not a mom, being a woman is hard! The day to day demands can be a real buzz kill.
Mom life. Wife life. Being a woman life. It’s hard AF.
It’s time to take a few hours and do something for yourself. My job, my passion is helping you to feel amazing, beautiful, sexy and down right ready to take over the world.
I walk you through the process, what to wear, how to pose, what to do with your hands and even coach you on facial expression’s. I never expect any of my ladies to come in knowing how to do any of those things, thats my job!

So.. for a limited time snag a $39 mini session. Yea.. you read that right.. $39. That $39 covers your session, full retouching of images, pose/facial expression coaching and your favorite 3 digital files. {Think of this as groupon style!} You totally have the option to purchase more images, or none at all. 100% up to you.

Digital packages start at $99.

*Brazen Boudoir is no longer booking for Va/NC/Hampton Roads
*Available for travel contact for details

Want more info? Ready to book? Drop me a line below and let’s get this party started!