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Growing up I was never one of the popular girls, I was probably never close to being in fashion or even being an ‘ideal body type’. I was always the bigger friend, who could never share clothes with the rest. I never thought I was pretty enough and was something of a tom boy. {Jeans & a t-shirt were ‘dressed up’ in my mind} Boudoir has given me a way to show every woman she’s beautiful and amazing and sexy. Even after kids, even after weight gain/loss, or surgery that’s left her body decorated in a new way. I understand what it’s like to have babies and watch them change your body. I know what it’s like to see the number on the scale at an uncomfortable place. I’m 35 {almost 36}and am just starting to learn to really accept my body, to make changes in my life style to become more comfortable in who I am. For me, one of those steps was a boudoir session. I’ve done about.. 5? Total over the years, but this year I stripped down totally naked for two friends and let them photograph me. Holy shit if it wasn’t terrifying and freeing. I’m not a size 1 {hell I’m not even wearing single digit pants}. I’m not a supermodel, and lord knows Im not the best with my hair & make up. But those images changed me. Pushed me into loving myself more. Giving that to my ladies, that feeling of being in love with herself-that’s what I do, and why I do it.

When I’m not obsessing over new shoot locations, European lingerie, or hiding in my bathtub with a bottle of wine, I can typically be found hanging out with my girlfriends, going on adventures with my kids or I’m out creating something just for myself. I drink too much coffee, use fuck like a comma and love the people in my life fiercely.

I’d love for you to be my next best friend.

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