Fine Art Images

These images are insanely personal to me. Work created during highs & low’s this past year. Wandering through the creek, into the tree’s, these images had been kicking around in my mind for awhile. How I wanted her to pose, how I wanted the light to look. Some of them were secondary shots, shot’s born from taking advantage of us already being out on location. It’s been a heavy year for me and I feel like its reflected in the images.


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Meet Me

Growing up I was never one of the popular girls, I was probably never close to being in fashion or even being an ‘ideal body type’. I was always the bigger friend, who could never share clothes with the rest. I never thought I was pretty enough and was something of a tom boy. {Jeans & a t-shirt were ‘dressed up’ in my mind} Boudoir has given me a way to show every woman she’s beautiful and amazing and sexy. Even after kids, even after weight gain/loss, or surgery that’s left her body decorated in a new way. I understand what it’s like to have babies and watch them change your body. I know what it’s like to see the number on the scale at an uncomfortable place. I’m 33 {almost 34}and am just starting to learn to really accept my body, to make changes in my life style to become more comfortable in who I am. For me, one of those steps was a boudoir session. I’ve done about.. 5? Total over the years, but this year I stripped down totally naked for two friends and let them photograph me. Holy shit if it wasn’t terrifying and freeing. I’m not a size 1 {hell I’m not even wearing single digit pants}. I’m not a super model, and lord know’s Im not the best with my hair & make up. But those images changed me. Pushed me into loving myself more. Giving that to my ladies, that feeling of being in love with herself-that’s what I do, and why I do it.

When I’m not obsessing over new shoot locations, European lingerie, or hiding in my bathtub with a bottle of wine, I can typically be found hanging out with my girlfriends, going on adventures with my kids or I’m out creating something just for myself. I drink too much coffee, use fuck like a comma and love the people in my life fiercely.

I’d love for you to be my next best friend.

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photo cred to my girl Candice at True Self Photography




The million dollar question:

“What does it cost”

I hate to be that super vague person, but due to traveling through out multiple market’s my fee’s are based on the costs associated with that travel.
Please inquire for full pricing.  Custom packages are available.


My job is to create stunning image’s you’ll fall in love with. Not to push to you to buy thing’s you don’t love.

Payment plan’s are always available.
10% off total product purchase for all Military, EMS/Fire & LEO

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Ready to do something life changing? Something powerful and amazing? Something for YOU? Be selfish for a moment. Take time for yourself.

You deserve it.

Studio sessions are held in the residential Elizabeth City studio. Shoot’s can be scheduled for your home in Hampton Roads or on location through out the area.

                           Travel to Florida is 4 times a year, check in to see current travel dates.
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